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INDEPENDENTS - Please read bellow

To get listed on TopFlightEscorts.com with a "Full Photo Listing" is totally FREE for both Escort Agencies and Independent Escorts.

  • You may be able to do this with or without a website.
  • If you have a website you will need to fill out our simple form found at the bottom of the page where you pick up our banners after you have read and understood our conditions found bellow.
  • The escorts without the website please go HERE for more information.

Linking back to TopFlightEscorts.com

Some websites are demanding you link FRONT PAGE before they list you. We do not
You do not need to place our link on your front page in order to be included here at TopFlightEscorts.com with a "Full Photo Listing". If you have no links policy on your front page. We shall respect that policy.

However if you do have links on your front page we will only include you if our link is placed within the FIRST TWO VISABLE links on that page.

Please remember that we give you 3 links:

  1. A (Permanent) Full Photo Listing in the gallery for your area or country.
  2. A Full Photo Listing in the New Listings Gallery, for normally around a month.
  3. A text or anchor link to Full Photo Listing on Our Front Page.

This applies to both Independent Escorts and Escort Agencies that wish to be included on this TRULY FREE Escort Directory and Guide to real genuine escorts.

If you have NO links on your front page we will still list you on the following condition: Our link is within the first two links that appear anywhere within your website.

If you do not link as per our linking policy we will not include you here at TopFlightEscorts.com


Those that move or remove our link after a few days or weeks will be ***BANNED FOREVER*** From our Truly FREE Directory and Guide to real escorts.

We will not list escort websites that we feel are really just adverts to porn, adult sex phoning lines, member sex contact sites and suchlike. Research as shown that many genuine escort clients associate these sites with scams not something that good directories like ours wish to be part of.

Before submitting your advertisement/website you MUST place our banner/link first go here to see our links/banners. You will then be taken to the place where you fill out our form so you can be listed FREE on TopFlightEscorts.com


If you have a website that has something like ‘see my XXX photos or My Web Cam’ and that link directs visitors to another website and that website makes visitors join or charges visitors to see your photos will NOT list your escorting website for free.

Why? Because webmasters of the websites that host your photos make money from potential clients of escorts (making them pay to see your photos and other things), that we direct to your site.

Although we have no problem at all in helping escorts make money for free we are NOT going to help those webmaster that feed of escorts like you make money for free. So if you have one of these ‘see my XXX photos or My Web Cam’ links / set-ups, then listing charges apply go here to see those charges.

Top Flight Escorts looks forward to you joining our highly respected FREE Directory Guide of ‘High-Class’, ‘Top-Flight’, ‘Upscale’ Escorts and Adult Companions.
Escort Directory in London and worldwide Escort Directory in London and worldwide
Escort Directory in London and worldwide Escort Directory in London and worldwide

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